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In a few months later, a term of electric extinguishing in the cities in Indonesia has
been the trend for the public. Now, The electricity is one of human priority need. We can
see how human so depend on electrical energy by seeing the increasing of PLN’s load of
electricity every year.


One of the issue’s side of view about increasing the consumption of electrical
energy received attention from many parties to be solved as soon as possible. As reported
by the daily newspaper, Compass, showed many business activities that do not rely on
fully electric supply from PLN. They were forced to build their own power plants, even
though the result in an increase in fixed costs, therefore killing competitiveness. While
small businesses are not able to create its own electricity power supply, was forced to
surrender by reducing the hours of their production due to the frequent shutting down
power supply schedule by PLN.


The issue of rising prices and fuel shortages make the scientists think the way to
create the more efficient engine. The engine system that is commonly used in factories for
production is considered not efficient by so many parties. In this situation, scarcity of fuels
appears at so many cities in the country. In APBN, fuel subsidies that reach 25% rated as
something unnatural and caused the government losses therefore the fuel crisis assumed to
make the rupiah weak against the dollar. The Government plans to raise the price of fuel
industry in the near future, would make energy problems and get attention from various
elements of the community.

Currently, pollution is one of the problems of the world and go green is the only
solution. The power plant is expected to not produce the pollution that have large affection
on the environments and using fuel efficiently so that fuel can be used wisely, remember
the petroleum fuel supplies is decreasing and cant be produce in million years later.
However, the fact shows that some power plants have an effect on the environment,
such as coal-fired power plants that have produced sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide which
very dangerous to human health. Solar energy in Indonesia is very abundant, as we know
that Indonesia was equator country. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been exploited optimally so
that solar energy is wasted.


Striling engine with a used griddleas an alternative sources of electrical energy is a
solution to overcome an electrical load that increase form year to year. This power plant’s
system work in a simple method and not produce any pollution effects on the environment.
These plants utilize sunlight as a primary energy source which avalaible abundant.
The basic principle of this power plant is worked when the sun falls into a griddle,
then glass that’s installed on the surface will reflect sunlight to heat driver where the
striling engine putted, after driver of striling engine is heated enough then the dipleser will
move up and down to cause dynamo which is connected with the engine striling to move
just like the water power plants turbin which produce electricity. The generated electricity
form this machine is in Direct Current form, then through the inverter system, we can get
Alternating Current form. This power plant’s installation is not expensive as the solar
power plant which use the photovoltaic or solar cell that have the big construction cost.
With these alternative sources of electrical energy, we can overcome the PLN’s load
problem. It also reduces dependence on the power plant sources such as water, which has
more expensive construction costs than striling engine and also a solution other for solar
power plant which has an expensive installation cost, so that solar energy is not wasted.
Beside that, with this idea as a reference for the discovery of a typical power plant that
will more sophisticated.


Participation of all sides, especially the government is important in order to bridge
between the need for appropriate technology for the general public and the ability of the
expertise from a group of scientists in creating technology. With the concept of research
technology that related to the invention of alternative energy sources, we hoped the
government able to realize the idea of the design technology from the scientist to be
appropriate technology in reality that give beneficial to the community so that energy
shortages can be handle immediately.


karya : Fitono Gulo, Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta, Juara 1 dan Juara Favorit ESSAY COMPETITION 2012, IEEE SB UGM.

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